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The visionary founder of the official website of the Directorate of School Education Sukkur Region Sukkur Hafiz Shahabuddin Indhar is leading the educational institution into the future in an era dominated by technology developments and digital innovation. As the director, his vision and dedication to embracing the digital world have been crucial to the website's successful debut. The website is a crucial platform that connects the Directorate with employees, school heads, taluka education offices, and the district education offices in an easy and smooth manner. The founder's commitment to utilizing the digital sphere shows a deep comprehension of the changing demands of education in the twenty-first century. Leading this digital project, they have improved lines of communication and created an atmosphere that is more transparent and approachable, resulting in a vibrant online presence.

Visionary Leaders

Amazing focus is a skill that visionary leaders possess, and they use this standard to compel other team members to adopt the same outlook.

Syed Sardar Ali Shah

Minister for Education & Literacy Department

Zahid Ali Abbasi

Secretary School Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh

Hafiz Shahabudin Indhar

Director School Education, ES&HS, Sukkur Region Sukkur

About Us

The Directorate of School Education, ES&HS, Sukkur Region Sukkur, is committed to improving the educational environment in the region by providing a wide range of resources and opportunities for students' academic growth, personal development, and a sense of belonging. It operates under the School Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, overseeing 714 schools, including 85 Higher Secondary Schools, 210 Secondary Schools, 248 Elementary, and 171 Middle Schools. Each district is managed by dedicated District Education Officers (ES&HS), along with a team of Taluka Education Officers. The primary goal of the Directorate is to deliver quality education to all children in the region. Highly qualified teachers, selected through reputable testing services, contribute to the region's educational success. The Directorate also employs an electronic attendance system for teachers and students and provides free books to students without admission fees or annual charges.

Higher Secondary Schools 85/714 11.90%
High Schools 210/714 29.41%
Girls Schools 195/71427.31%
Elementary Schools 164/71422.97%
Middle Schools 171/71423.95%
Boys/Mixed Schools 550/714 77.03%

Information Desk

individuals may be asked various information

Instituation Profile

Using SEMIS CODE as the user name and DDO CODE as the password, DEO, TEO, and school heads can log in.

Employee Profile

Using CNIC & Date of Birth all teaching & non teaching can update their profile..

Disclousre of Information

Proactive Disclosure of Information Under Section - 6 & Section - 7 of the Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act, 2016.

Leave Verification of Employee

using a leave ID that is automatically generated by the system and updated by the concerned head of office or school, the field officer/official can verify the leave that has been given to any employee.

Successfully Logged in Schools' List

the list of schools that have logged in and updated their basic information.

TEO-wise Logged in Schools' List

the list of schools that have logged in or not updated their basic information.

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Success Stories

Inspiring Success Stories from Our Institutes, Employees, and Students

She has a hearing and speech impairment, but she was an exceptional student in her class in every subject. Despite her communication challenges, Laiba found a way to express her feelings through the use of colors.

Laiba Bhutto

Student - GBLSS Bhago Bhutto Daharki

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Principal Madam Fouzia Gul Memon, GGHSS Barrage Colony Sukkur has transformed "Out of School Children" into a remarkable success story, ensuring education for all.


Student - GGHSS Barrage Colony Sukkur

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Kamran Hassan


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Rahib Ali


District Education Officers

Our dedicated district officers bring local expertise, specialized knowledge, and a strong community connection to enhance the quality and impact of our initiatives.

Syed Safdar Ali Shah

District Education Officer ES&HS Sukkur

Abdul Malik Bullo

District Education Officer ES&HS Ghotki

Muhammad Hafeez Darban

District Education Officer ES&HS Khairpur


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